Specifications STACTEG-150FA STACTEG-300FA
Base Wafer STAC-0101JY STAC-0101JY
Electrode Ni + SnAg Bump Cu Pillar Bump
Bump Pitch 150μm 300μm
Bump Size φ110μm φ110μm
Bump Height Ni5μm+SnAg75μm Cu50um+SnAg10um
Passivation Opening 70μm (Octagon) 70μm (Octagon)
Polyimide Opening φ90μm φ90μm
Number of Pad 32 pads 32 pads
Number of Bump 32 bumps + 253 Dummy bumps 32 bumps + 64 Dummy bumps
<Option> Back Side Metallization Back Side Metallization

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.4mm Pitch eWLP Dummy Wafer-Amkor
.4mm Pitch eWLP Dummy Wafer-Amkor


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