Specifications TYPE-A TYPE-B
Wafer Size 6 inch 6 inch
Wafer Thickness 625±25μm 625±25μm
Chip Size 6.0mm ♦ 6.0mm ♦
Metal Thickness Al-Si 3μm Al-Si 4.5μm
Function BondabilityCheck BondabilityCheck
Pad config Plane Plane
Pad Size 5060μm × 2420μm 5060μm × 2420μm
270μm 5300μm 270μm × 5300μm
Passivation opening 5040μm × 2400μm 5040μm × 400μm
250μm × 5280μm 250μm × 5280μm
Scribe width 100μm 100μm
    ♦ Bottom Side

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.4mm Pitch eWLP Dummy Wafer-Amkor
.4mm Pitch eWLP Dummy Wafer-Amkor


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