PCB200 PoP (Package on Package) 14mm Board and Kit - Lead-Free Test Kit

This PoP 12mm Board and Kit is designed as test vehicle for the new Amkor (PSvfBGA) 14x14 305 PoP package. PoP packages from Amkor focus on high density logic devices.


PoP packages are designed for products such as cell phones, digital cameras and other mobile applications benefiting from the combination of stacked packages and small footprint technology. This test board enables the end user to test their process applications on the top and bottom PoP components.


With daisy-chain patterns in both packages and the PCB200 Board, customers are able to check for continuity to guarantee the integrity of their process.


Solder practice test vehicle PCB boards and kits are used for machine setup, evaluation, qualification, workflow analysis, prototyping, testing, solder profiling.












* Board size is 132 x 77mm, 8-layers, .039" thick, no?microvias.

* Board material is IS-410 High Temp 180Tg.

* Standard board finish OSP Entek CU-106A-HT.

* 15 daisy-chain pad placements for 14x14 353?PSvfPGA?component.

* Immersion Silver finish is also available upon special request. MOQ may apply.

* Gerber and X,Y Theta data included at no charge.


Order Number: 12953 PCB200 14mm (board only)

Order Number: 31290 A-PoP152-.65mm-14mm-DC-LF-SAC105 (top component only)

Order Number: 31291 A-PSvfBGA305-.5mm-14mm-DC-LF-SAC125Ni (bottom component only) 



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