PC250 TMV® (Through Mold Via) 14mm Board and Kit - Drop Test Lead Free Kit

Practical Components new TMV® 14MM test board and kit is a basic drop test board designed for the Amkor TMV® (Through Mold Via) components. This test eight layer board is a 3x5 array with 15 components placements per board. The board is 132mm x 77mm in size, and 1.0mm thick. The standard surface finish is OSP. Our test vehicle is designed for the new TMV® 620 solder ball .4mm pitch bottom component and the TMV® 200 solder ball .5mm top component. Both top and bottom components have a daisy chain pattern through the substrate of the part. A daisy chain pattern also runs through the test board. The design allows for daisy chain 3 net design. Meaning both top and bottom components as well as the board can be tested individually or as a group. This kit allows the end user to test the integrity of their process applications for TMV® components.


Solder practice test vehicle PCB boards and kits are used for machine setup, evaluation, qualification, workflow analysis, prototyping, testing, solder profiling.










* Board size is 132 x 77mm, 8 layers, .039" thick, no microvias.

* Board material is IS-410 High Temp. 180Tg.

* Standard board finish is OSP Entek CU-106A-HT.

* 15 daisy-chain pad placements for 14x14 620 TMV®?component.

* Immersion Silver board finish is available upon special request. MOQ may apply.

* Gerber and X,Y Theta data included at no charge.


Order Number: 15110 PCB250-14mm-TMVDT (board only)

Order Number: 31557 A-PoP200-.5-14mm-DC-105 (top component only)

Order Number: 31558 A-TMV620-.4-14mm-DC-125 (bottom component only)


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