PC049 SMT|PTH - Mixed Technology Pb-Free Kit

Indium Corporation SMT/PTH Mixed Technology Pb-Free Kit Practical Components and Indium Corporation are introducing a new Lead-Free SMT/Through-hole Mixed Technology test board and kit. The PCB049 Board can be used to evaluate the following conditions:


Solder practice test vehicle PCB boards and kits are used for machine setup, evaluation, qualification, workflow analysis, prototyping, testing, solder profiling. 







* Solder paste wetting and spread.

* Solder paste slump performance.

* Solder perform Pin-in-Paste performance.

* Wave flux hole fill performance.

* P&P equipment and placement accuracy.

* Reflow process capabilities.

* Effectiveness of cleaning processes.

* Surface Insulation resistance (SIR).

* Surface finish interaction factors.

* Pb-Free Underfill performance.



For details on evaluation techniques and material performance requirements, contact Chris Anglin of Indium Corporation at 1-800-4-INDIUM or Test-Kit@Indium.com.


For complete information this kit or other Lead-Free solutions please contact your Practical Components representative at 1-714-252-0010.



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